The Lost Gardens of Heligan Podcast

  • 29th Jan 2022

The Lost Gardens of Heligan podcast has arrived on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Each month we’ll be uncovering the beauty in the little things, from soil to seeds, bulbs to bees, from The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Experience the inner workings with Alasdair Moore (our Head of Gardens and Estate) and guests as they take inspiration from nature and the environment around them.

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In the first edition of our podcast we’re talking about what lies beneath our feet. Head of Gardens and Estate Alasdair Moore is in conversation with Sir Tim Smit and Head Gardener Nicola Bradley, where they discuss the ecosystem built from organic material, minerals, air and water, and the world populated with a myriad of living things.

To whet you appetite for the next 12 months of Heligan podcast, here's a list of topics that Alasdair will be discussing.

January Soil
February Bulbs
March Seeds
April Absence
May Beginnings
June Grass
July Bees
August Bloom
September Birds
October Harvest
November Trees
December Camellias and Tea

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