Rescued hedgehogs find new home at The Lost Gardens

  • 6th Feb 2020

This year, we’re releasing rescued hedgehogs into The Lost Gardens to find their perfect home!

We have been working closely with Prickles and Paws to help release hedgehogs that they have rescued back into the wild. 

Heligan’s Wildlife Co-ordinator, Sam Corfield, built 10 boxes and placed them into the Gardens for the released hedgehogs (as well as any other local hedgehogs!) to find the perfect home. He will also be providing food for them whilst they adapt to being in the wild. 

Hedgehogs are essential in our pest control efforts and in particular, keeping slugs under control. We will be releasing hedgehogs throughout the year, as our endless bushes and hedges provide the ideal environment for hedgehogs, so fingers crossed they take a liking to the Gardens and hibernate here.

You can learn how to build your own hedgehog boxes with the Prickles and Paws guide here: ;

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