Rare beetle found in Cornwall for the first time at Heligan’s record-breaking Bug Hotel

  • 29th Oct 2022

Recorded for the very first time in Cornwall, a Strigocis bicornis beetle has been identified and photographed by wildlife fanatic Jerry Lee. The beetle is one of 40 other species reported to have checked in at the newly opened ‘Bugginghum Palace’ bug hotel.

“These beetles are extremely rare” says Jerry, Cornwall-based wildlife volunteer who conducted the survey.

“Bug hunting season is traditionally late spring or summer, but when the weather’s warmer for longer, the beetles hang around and make themselves at home.”

There have only been a handful of verified recordings in the UK of the rare tree fungus beetle and at less than 4mm in size they can be hard to spot. This special specimen had checked in to Heligan’s ‘Bugginghum Palace’, a 200m³ insect hotel which is the biggest in the UK, and a World Record holder.

Commenting on the discovery, Heligan’s Wildlife Co-ordinator Toby Davies said “We’ve built the biggest bug hotel in the UK and it is so encouraging to know we’re already housing so many species. This half term we’re welcoming even bigger creatures to come and see if they can spot their creepy-crawly friends.”

‘Bugginghum Palace’ is the latest wildlife installation on the East Lawn at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. The gardens and Estate have recently embarked on a Regenerative Grazing programme to increase biodiversity across their 200 acre site.

Visitors to the iconic estate are encouraged to explore ‘Bugginghum Palace’ on their next visit to see who else has checked in at this rather unique hotel.

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