New Tenant in Heligan Barn Owl Tower

  • 28th Dec 2014

Constructed by our Estate Team in February 2010, the tower was created as a permanent site for Barn Owls and other birds, insects and small mammals to nest and live. The tower’s other current resident is a wood mouse who is hoping to avoid any confrontations with its new neighbour. 

With our wildlife sensitive management, the estate has been home to breeding Barn Owls for over 10 years. Each year has seen anywhere between 2 and 5 chicks fledging into the local countryside, however 2014 has been an exceptional year with only one egg and one chick appearing.

With this new arrival and reports from the Barn Owl Trust suggesting that 2014 has been a fantastic year for British Barn Owls and we really hope to see another breeding pair in 2015.

To follow the adventures of the Heligan Barn Owls simply click here to view our live webcams. Alternatively, for a really insightful wildlife experience and access to more live wildlife cameras simply visit the Hide, where a plethora of wild birds can be enjoyed from the windows.


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