Heligan Harvest - an Ambisonic Adventure

  • 7th Oct 2021

This Heligan Harvest, we invite you on an immersive audio experience that will take you on time travelling journey through Heligan’s productive gardens.

The year is 1875 and Harvest is in full swing. You are a labourer seeking work at the Heligan Estate. As you put on your headphones you’ll be transported to the Victorian era, where you’ll meet historic characters from Heligan’s past. Part immersive theatre and part guided tour, Heligan harvest: Echoes of our past provides a uniquely personal way to experience the gardens like never before.

The experience will take you on a route through the gardens so be sure to follow where the characters guide you. It will start in the Vegetable Garden, leading onto the Melon Yard and end in the Flower Garden.

Upon arriving at the Ticket Office, our team will provide you with a pod catcher and headphones to begin your Ambisonic Adventure.

If you’d prefer to listen on your own device or from home, we’ve uploaded a copy to play below.

This is best experienced through earphones, though you can play it out loud from your device too.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Fable Feast for making this exciting project possible! 

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