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From sheep to shop!

Last July we spent a sunny day in the Home Farm paddocks completing the first shearing of our 2018 born lambs.

45 native and rare breed lambs had their fleeces skilfully removed by our shearer Matthew Truscott, which left them Summer ready and much more comfortable in the sudden hot Cornish Summer.

Wherever possible we like to reduce any wastage of any produce from the estate and this is the same for our wool.

Our main flock of sheep is the rare breed, the Devon and Cornwall Longwool, and their fleeces grow so long and heavy that they require shearing twice a year, providing us with a large amount of wool.

As it is such a strong fibre, we decided that this last batch of fleece should be turned into garden twine to be used around our gardens.

We are delighted to be able to offer Heligan Garden twine for sale within our shop for all our visitors to enjoy a product made directly from the Heligan estate.

Having just completed spring shearing of our whole flock, we currently have a number if intact fleeces. If any avid spinners out there would like the opportunity to work with these rare and native breed fleeces, please contact Heligan reception for more details.

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