Dogs Now Welcome To The Lost Gardens All Year Round!

  • 2nd Apr 2013

Whilst some councils are ignoring public opinion and looking to introduce 24-hour dog bans, Heligan has followed the liberal attitude of cities such as Santa Cruz, America and lifted its decades-long seasonal ban on dogs.

George Elworthy, MD Lost Gardens of Heligan, comments, “We have a strong contingent of locals who enjoy visiting the Gardens with their well-behaved dogs throughout the winter months and we realised there was really no reason to exclude them during busier parts of the year. For many, a dog is a very important family member and people, particularly if they are visiting the South West on holiday, are loathe to leave them behind. I hope by making this change it will enable more people to enjoy the Lost Gardens.”

Heligan is promoting the forward-thinking decision with a poster advertising the fact that it ‘Welcomes Dogs and well-behaved owners all year round.” A point Elworthy is quick to make. “The argument against dogs is generally that they can cause mess and spoil an area for other people. We’re using the phrase ‘well-behaved owners’ humorously but it is the case, we rely on all our visitors to respect the gardens so that others can enjoy them too, and we’re generally fortunate to attract visitors who are of this mind-set too.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan are open 10am-6pm daily. Parking is free and there is free entry to the Heligan Plant Centre, Shop and Tearoom.

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