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The Lost Gardens of Heligan are now open with online pre-booked timed tickets essential for Heligan Members, Local Pass Holders and day visitors.


Home to a wonderful variety of traditional and rare breed livestock and poultry, our farm and its animals hold a very real place at the heart of the Heligan experience.

Recently awarded Rare Breed Farm Park status by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are home to the first rare breeds park in the whole of the South West and one of just 23 in the United Kingdom! 

We manage our farmland using a mixture of traditional breeds and sustainable, low intensity techniques like the ones practiced here for centuries. Meet our North Devons, White Park and Highland cattle, Kerry Hill, along with Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep - all of whom were potentially kept here over a hundred years ago. Wander through traditional hay meadows brimming with butterflies and swallows in the summer, and dried to feed our cattle in the winter.

Adventure around the fields and woodland and try to spot our Tamworth and Lop pigs where they are able to forage for nuts and roots and also our native black bee, can you find the queen in the observation hive?

The Poultry Orchard is home to traditional breeds of chicken, ducks and geese, free to roam beneath old varieties of Cornish apple trees and not forgetting the turkeys.....

Our sensitive land management enables you to get up close to the land, encouraging the growth of a learning process about where our food comes from and how we work in harmony with natural habitats and native wildlife.

Our cows, pigs and sheep are all reared for meat, which is all butchered locally, providing a quality product for the Heligan Tearoom.

Here is a list of the Rare Breeds you can expect to see at The Lost Gardens of Heligan: 



British Lop



Highland cows

North Devon Cattle (Red Rubys) 

White Parks


Devon and Cornwall Long Wool

Herdwick ewes


Kerry Hill





Shire Horse

Exmoor Pony


Golden Guernsey


Light Sussex Hens

Indian Game Hens

Welsummer Hens


Grey Pencilled Plymouth Rock


Marsh Daisy Hens

Lemon Mille Fleur Sablepoots (Dutch Booted Bantams)

Porcelain Sablepoots

Cream Crested Leg Bar

Le Fleche

Selection of Easter Chicks

Ducks and Geese

Khaki Campbell Duck

Call Duck

Aylesbury Duck

Shetland duck

Silver Appleyard Duck

Indian Runner Ducks

Sebastopol Geese

West of England



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