Sunrise Sessions

  • 20 Jun:
    27 Jun:

6.30am from 18th April – 31st August

7am from 7th – 26th September

Every Thursday throughout spring and summer, Heligan will be opening its gates early to allow you to wander at will through our beautiful gardens and ancient Estate.

Watch the sunrise over St Austell Bay from the Northern Summerhouse and taste the salty tang in the air. Listen to early morning birdsong and inhale the scent of the trees as you explore our woodland areas, touch their roughened bark and the smoothness of their leaves.

Make the most of an opportunity for peaceful reflection and let the regenerative and restorative powers of nature soothe your spirit and enable you to reconnect, ready for the challenges of the day ahead. Come and immerse yourself in the contemplative calm of Heligan waking up.

On these special days, we will open our gates to visitors with tea and filter coffee available in takeaway for those requiring an extra boost before their early morning adventure.

There will be no extra charge for these early morning visits but we do kindly ask that where possible, you book your visit to helps prepare for each day. 

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