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On Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, & Sunday 27th November, The Gardens are open from 10am - 2pm with last entry at 12.30.

Heligan Night Garden – visitor feedback from opening weekend

Each winter The Lost Gardens of Heligan transforms into Heligan Night Garden, a magical winter trail that celebrates the flora and fauna these romantic and mysterious gardens. Read our visitors’ feedback from the opening weekend;

I was blown away with the effort that went in to this event. The installations were beautiful and not like anything I’d seen before. The trail felt like such an adventure to walk around and catered to all ages. I took my family for their collective birthdays (aged 30-62) and we all absolutely loved it and we could see how much children were enjoying it too. We could really see how much time and thought went in to it’s production. We really loved the added detail of marshmallow toasting and the food on offer was amazing quality - and a delicious veggie option which is rare! Thank you!

Our favourite part was the charity stars and the animal lanterns. Also the walk itself was much more interesting and varied than previous years. Well done!!

Really appreciated how well made and designed the animal lanterns were. Great attention to detail. And I loved how the lights made my 3 year old feel that magic was real... It was a magical experience

All of it, fantastic event - did end up costing quite a lot with food aswell so could always improve on price but was good value. Very well thought out, loved the marshmallows, fire pits and around every corner something exciting - a lovely atmosphere and very talented people who made the lanterns.

It felt lovely and peaceful walking round, not too crowded or sensory overload. We loved how the lights emphasised the natural beauty of the trees rather than eclipsed them.

The fact that the trail was longer this year and it was less crowded. Loved the umbrellas, and the free marshmallows for toasting are a lovely touch.

We were lucky with the weather meaning the lights & atmosphere could all be fully enjoyed. The lights & features such as the sleeping lady & light struck large trees were lovely. We haven't been for many years and this display was much better value & thoroughly enjoyable, thank you.

Food was excellent, good and friendly marshalling, beautiful exhibits and lighting. Exciting and emotional evening.

Loved the barn owl and the umbrellas. Came before several years ago and caught the worst weather night - far fewer exhibits and minimal lighting in between. The event has grown and evolved into something enchanting and magical. The garden at night is very special and the vast increase in numbers of lights displayed it to its best - absolutely beautiful

I like the new additions each year combined with existing elements (reusing is good). I like the changing route each year taking me to places I have missed in my previous visits. This year I loved the music playing around some of the installations.

Compared to other venues it was magical to twist and turn through the the foliage and see the trees illuminated. This year the hospice stars really moved me.

All of it! - Especially the Star display on Flora's Green - beautiful. Nice not to be rushed around, good to have food pop up units. Staff very friendly and helpful. Loved the marshmallow toasting and was glad to see no overload of HSE gone mad! - ( ie a fire is hot! etc lol)

The lights, as always, are amazing, enhanced with the new additions. For me, the new route, made a better display of the lanterns than last year. Sitting round the firepit, with a hot drink after a long journey, set the scene for a wonderfully atmospheric amble through the gardens. However, what makes Heligan extra special for me is the staff, they are always ready to help, have a chat or simply give directions, nothing is too much trouble. It makes you feel very welcome as a person and not just another number. Well done Heligan for another amazing experience!

The whole night was very well organised, great value for money and so pretty! The staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was an excellent night.

The stars for the 89 children, mainly, but it was all done so well in keeping with the gardens

I loved it all. I especially found the stars for children beautiful and liked how you moved from that into the walled garden with the butterflies followed by the bright flowers. I also loved the covered woodland with the music.

We also asked our visitors if they had any suggestions of feedback to improve the event – here are their responses;

Collection box for charity sugar and free drink options not just for but diabetics don’t only want to drink water

Occasional lights on the ground to make it easier to see where we walk.

Can you prevent rain?

I loved the butterflies, but I think they could have been more colourful.

In some places there wasn’t a lot of light, so advising to bring a torch would have been helpful

Better weather, but that's beyond your control!

Ticket price is quite steep, would suggest not increasing it. It would be better if the price for food varied rather than a fixed £8. The pulled pork bap was not good value for that price. The stewards on the way round were all very helpful and super helpful which was great

More lights along the accessible routes. Taking the accessible routes meant missing the lanterns and there was nothing to see and also very dark.

Where possible we’re taking on board your feedback. This weekend we’ll have more lights on the accessible routes, and have added music to additional elements of the route. We’ll also ensure that there are a variety of options for vegan, veggie and allergen visitors.

If you’re visiting us, we’d love to know your experience of the event – you can chat with our stewards as you leave, and we’ll also send all visitors a survey to let us know what you loved, and what we can do better.

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