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Heligan Masterplan - A New Future

As we enter our fourth decade of stewardship of the iconic Heligan Estate, we look ahead to the future and invite our visitors to join us on the next stage of our journey.  

The gardens at Heligan have been constantly evolving since the first house was built on the site of the present mansion by William Tremayne in 1603.

Over the last three hundred years, Heligan House has been extended and remodelled whilst the gardens, parkland and grounds have also seen similar changes. These changes have been both functional and picturesque.

We pride ourselves on looking after one of the most beautiful destinations in the country, which is a truly inspiring place to work however, there are flaws in the current design and layout of the office spaces and shelter areas available for the staff.

The disjointed nature of where our different teams are housed has naturally evolved over time. The ever-growing success of the gardens and increased number of staff employed here at Heligan has reached a point where it is time for change to focus on our staff.

We introduce you to our plans for the Heligan Hive and our masterplan for the Heligan Estate.

This new space will enable us to combine all the talent in one working environment where we can meet on a daily basis and come together repeatedly over the day to share experience and ideas is at the heart of the new inspired Heligan Hive. The name ‘Heligan Hive’ was conceived by our Jungle Supervisor, Cindy, who likened the level of activity shown by Heligan staff to that of a garden full of busy bees.

To learn more about the Heligan Hive and our Masterplan, please click here to download and explore a full presentation.

We encourage you to comment on any aspect of the proposal which will aid us in our design and layout. We would greatly appreciate your local knowledge on local issues.

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