Changing Places Now Open!

We are very proud to announce that we are now home to a fully equipped Changing Places toilet that caters for those who need an assisted accessible toilet facility. Bringing us closer to becoming accessible to all…


“We want to make Heligan as accessible as possible, and hopefully lead by example, so there was never a decision to be made as to whether we would install a Changing Places. The nature of Heligan, with its geography and historic buildings, means there are elements that we will always struggle to make accessible, but we could do this,” Sian Heason, Visitor Services Manager.

The new Heligan Changing Places toilet is equipped with:

A ceiling tracked hoist.
A mobile height adjustable adult sized changing bench.
Wheelchair accessible toilet.
A height adjustable, wheelchair accessible hand wash basin.
Entry to the Changing Places toilet is via a RADAR key available from Reception.


This new addition to Heligan will mean that people with complex disabilities and profound learning disabilities are now able to visit The Lost Gardens with their families, knowing there are the amenities they need to enjoy their day.