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Prodigal UPG present Zoo Humans

Every ten years, an area the size of Britain disappears under a jungle of concrete

David Attenborough, Planet Earth II

Saturday 21st September - 11am.

In ZOO HUMANS The Urban Playground Team brings Attenborough’s smooth narrative to a Kafka-esque reality

[R&D Supported by ACE & The Hall for Cornwall] - This performance is part of the Kneehigh Presents…Festival. Please click here for more information

In 1917 Franz Kafka told the story of an ape that made itself a human. Imitating the worst excesses of its captors it finally gained acceptance… as a variety performer. In 1967 Desmond Morris published the Human Zoo. His central theory: that modern humans resemble animals raised in captivity, divorced from their natural environment yet driven by underlying animal instincts. In 2017 One third of the UK’s children spends less time outdoors than its prisoners. By 2018 the UK is declared the most obese nation in Europe. Public Health England considers Physical Inactivity an epidemic, responsible for 1 in 6 deaths and linked to anxiety, depression and numerous other conditions.

In ZOO HUMANS The Urban Playground Team brings Attenborough’s smooth narrative to a Kafka-esque reality in which a group of humans have forgotten how to move. As they slowly become aware of the artificial world in which they’re living they must decide if they’ll chose to risk their comfort for freedom beyond the confines of a cage…

Freedom was not what I wanted. Only a way out…To get out! Only not to stay motionless… crushed…

Kafka, A Report To An Academy


Where will the performance be?
The performance will be located on Flora’s Green which is close to our entrance and facilities.  

How long will the performance last?
The performance is set to last just under half and hour.

Do I need to buy tickets?
This performance of Zoo Humans is included within garden admission so there’s no need to purchase a show ticket.

When should I arrive.
The gardens will open from 10am and we’d advise joining us any time from then to get the best seat in the house.

Should I bring a chair?
Please bring low back seating with you.

Will the performance go ahead in the event of bad weather?
Due to the nature of this performance along with the health and safety of the performers, this performance will not go ahead in the event of adverse weather conditions.  

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