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Heligan Halloween - The Good, the Bad and the Bugly

19th – 27th October Daily 10am – 4pm

Join us for some Spooktacular fun this half term as we invite you to meet the Good, the Bad and the Bugly! Adventure through the woods along the Creepy Creatures Trail, keeping your eyes peeled, you never know who you might meet! At the Halloween Yurt we invite you to meet the owls, some creepy crawly creatures and to learn about the animals that live in our garden at night! Don’t miss the Halloween games and crafts at the Steward’s House and your chance to make your own creepy creature mask or dream pillow to take home. 

Creepy Creatures Trail

Explore the garden and estate and discover more about Heligan’s native wildlife and some unusual creatures too! Even though some animals may look spooky and creepy, most have fascinating reasons why they appear that way; and also complete important jobs to bring goodness to the garden! 

Come and meet the good the bad and the bugly!

Choose the Woodland Walk route (steep and loose terrain)

Wander through the woods, following our sensory trail; explore and discover what weird and wonderful creatures have made their home there. Can you spot Mama Spider in her nest, will you stumble across our giant millipedes scuttling up the trees, discover where our creepy creatures make their home and learn to some bat facts!

Or choose the Garden route (accessible paths)

Follow our garden trail and use your senses – Listen to the sounds of creepy creatures, have a sniff at our smell boxes, meet our spooky giant Deaths Head Hawkmoth, say hello to  Branok the Scarecrow, and discover how some creatures may look creepy though they actually do wonders for the garden!
Both routes will lead you to Halloween crafts, games and our Animal Encounters experience.

Animal Encounters in our Halloween Yurt
10am – 12.30pm and 1.30 – 4pm
Located on East Lawn

Step inside our yurt and learn more about creepy crawlies and nocturnal animals. Chat to a wildlife expert and meet owls, insects and various other creepy crawlies!

19th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th October

Meet Matt and Senara from Talons Owltimate Encounters and marvel at their insects, nocturnal animals and owls*

*10am – 12.30pm Creepy Crawly Encounters and 1.30pm – 4pm Owl Encounters

20th, 23rd, 24th, 27th October

Come and meet our special friends from Screech Owl Sanctuary and see a bird of prey up close and personal.

Halloween craft activities

10am - 4pm

Located in the marquee in the Steward’s House Garden

Be inspired and make your own unique Halloween creepy creature mask – will you transform into an owl, a bat or perhaps a scuttling spider?

Create a herbal dream pillow to take home and put by your bed to ensure sweet dreams during this spooky season.

Get creative with Heligan charcoal or chalk and draw a spooky scene.

Join in our fun family games

10am - 4pm

Located in The Steward’s House Garden

Be like an ant and grab a leaf, will you make it round our outdoor assault course?

Transform into a tawny owl and test your aim at our catapult booth, to see if you can strike your prey!

Enjoy our hedgehog hibernation game. Help our friendly hedgehogs find the perfect place to rest during the Winter.

East Lawn Play space

Enjoy our Heligan built play space, using trees from our outer estate and built by our very own Heligan team.

All activities free with garden entry

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